First of all, we look at the labour job-site productivity. Labour productivity in construction is the amount of goods and services that a laborer produces. For example, brick laying, pouring concrete, plastering or surface finishing. Labour with good performance may lead to high productivity. However, there are several factors that would affect the job-site productivity which are labour characteristics, project work conditions and non-productive activities.

Construction labourers can be found at construction sites where they performing a wide range of tasks from the basic to the most difficult. Nevertheless, they are having different labour characteristic include their age, skill and experience of working. Besides, leadership and motivation of labour also different among each others. For example, a young teenager requires little skill and can learn quickly how to operate a machine. In addition, certain skill and experience is needed to apply in construction site such as determining the slump of concrete whether concrete is suitable to use or not. Furthermore, a supervisor with good leadership can motivate and influence their workers to work loyally and happily without any prejudice among labourers.

Equally important, quality and contribution of workers are being assessed by using performance analysis. In this performance analysis, several factors that can be evaluated involve quality of work being completed, adequate quantity of work, initiative ( able to do work without any instruction from others), job knowledge ( apply knowledge, method and skill lead to high performance), communicative ability ( ability to communicate with supervisor, subordinate and top management in the way of written or spoken), judgment ( fairness on decision making, conclusion and allocate tasks), related work knowledge ( have some basic knowledge and understanding to carry out task), resource utilization ( able to coordinate the need of the project and effectively use of resources available), dependability ( a person who being trusted to perform responsibility), analytical ability ( able to analyze problem and come out with conclusion), interpersonal skills ( good relationship between people) and ability of labour to work under pressure.